1. PRP - Hair Mesotherapy


Plasma-enriched plasma application of PRP

PRP Application helps to wash a large number of platelet cells.

Hairpin operations are a rigorous operation in fully sterile operating rooms, conducted by a specialist doctor and timely by healthcare professionals.

Because of this healing power, PRP stops spillage especially in patients with hair loss problems and allows hair follicles to be renewed and strengthened. In addition to strengthening hair in hair loss, we also recommend PRP injections 3 months after hair transplantation to support hair transplantation.

How does PRP work?

Prior to administration, 18 cc of blood is drawn from the individual and the blood is removed from the centrifugal device into blood platelets. These separated platelets are compressed into the skin of those with mesotherapy. Injection is made with 6 mm needles.


Hair Mesotherapy

Stop hair loss, there is to improve the quality of the hair and new hair outputs to activate with small fine needle into a scalp weeks (deep middle layer) is a treatment method carried out by injecting the drugs stop hair loss to hair follicles.

On average 8-10 sessions to last for about 20 minutes, applying a special needle Mesotherapy drug mixtures and private yapılmaktadır.seans weekly, fifteen is a method used to prevent hair loss yapılır.t in the world with daily and monthly periods.

Drug mixtures thereof chosen as appropriate, regional special needles in small doses and special technique other benefits over conventional pharmaceutical treatment of capillary ends of the drug reaching the fast effect, showed that method in the core of verilir.der into the skin, small doses of medicament regional kullanılmasıdır.Yan effect is the lack of effective risk and results .